Outside influencers CHANGE our DNA

Now back to my incessant worrying….    Scientists believe that outside influencers not only change our epigenome and therefore our DNA – for better or worse – but these changes can be passed on to our children.

We have plenty of anecdotal evidence of this hidden inheritance.  Consider countries that experience generation after generation of peace and prosperity.  Aren’t these countries more likely to produce peaceful and prosperous children?  Aren’t their lives the envy of the world?  The opposite certainly seems true.  War and poverty begets more war and poverty, as if the people in these countries were doomed by their DNA to live in despair for generations.   Exposure to toxins affects generations

Knowing what we now know about outside influences affecting our epigenome and our DNA for generations, breaking away from the negative impact of stress, poverty, and environmental toxins is much harder yet much more important than we ever imagined.

Is this why I wrote KINGSLEY?


Read More–>> Epigenetics… the hidden inheritance

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