Story Time with Illustrator Pam Evans! Come and listen to TERRY AND THE MONSTER-BEATERS

Story Time Flyer
Come at  1 pm on November 18th. City Space in Charlottesville downtown mall.

Great Green Sage

Back in November, 2012, I was diagnosed with cancer. Are there good cancers and bad cancers?  If so, I guess I had a good cancer.  But hearing that I had cancer was still a shock.  What’s going on inside me?  Monsters?  Are tiny invisible monsters  inside me? I went to my doctor and learned that if I didn’t get rid of the monsters, they’d eat me all up like a bowl of cereal.  But I couldn’t see the monsters.  I could see the hospital.  I could see their scary equipment.  I could hear their scary words.


I’m fine now.  But my experience  conjured up the story of Terry and the Monster-Beaters.  Terry is the sun.  Not scared of anything, right?  Terry is everywhere.  Terry is everyone.  Terry’s isn’t scared of anything until the Blue Wizard of the North tells her a monster is nibbling on her. A monster!  She goes to the Great Green Sage, who tells her to go to see the Monster-Beaters.  They will scare away the monster.  Terry is afraid.  Like me, she doesn’t see the monster but she can see those scary Monster-Beaters with their masks and equipment and strange words.  Being brave is hard.  Even when for the sun.

So I told my good friend Pamela Evans about Terry and she came up with the wonderful images that brought Terry, the Wizard of the North, the Great Green Sage, and the Monster-Beaters to life.  


The official launch of TERRY AND THE MONSTER-BEATERS is Saturday, November 18th at the Charlottesville Book Fair. But you can order your copy today from Amazon. Amazon logo_1

TERRY AND THE MONSTER-BEATERS is now available on Amazon!  Press here for your copy!




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