Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is amateur hour compared to the fight for the monarchy of honeybee hive.Game of Thrones

Cersei Lannister may dislike Margaery Tyrell but she probably wouldn’t stab her the moment she wakes.  But that’s the harsh reality of life for a honeybee queen.    This is due to how a honeybee hive is structured: One queen, many workers and a few drones.

So what happens if the queen dies?

The workers have the task of creating a new queen.  But creating queens isn’t easy, especially for the queen.  It takes a lot of energy to grown ovaries!   The workers select several larvas and feed all of them extra “Royal Jelly” for about three days, until the larva becomes a pupa.






About ten days later, the new queens emerge.

 All queen honeybees make a loud “pinging” sound as they emerge from their larva state.  Apiarists say the sound is loud enough to hear across a room.   Since the workers feed more than one larva, what happens if a second queen emerges?

That’s when it turns into Game of Thrones.

First, a little background.  Worker honeybees have barbed/serrated stingers. When their stingers  go into something, it’ has to be pretty serious because when the pull away, the stinger – and their internal organs – stay behind.  Thus ripping the bee apart and killing it.  And you thought you had a bad job!

Not true for the queen. Game of Throne fightShe has a smooth stinger and can sting over and over.  So when the second queen emerges, the first queen listens for her “ping” and then kills her with her stinger.  This happens again and again, until all the rival queens are dead.

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2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones

  1. But Cersei BLEW UP MARGAERY IN THE SEPT WITH WILDFIRE. Do bees have wildfire? I suppose not.


    1. Ha! No wildfire….just wild flowers.


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