Something is turning our genes on and off

Scientists are now discovering that the substances that surround DNA, called the Epigenome, can turn genes on and off…   with very serious consequences!

Epigenetic Changes Can Cause Cancer

“For many years we’ve been very convinced that DNA methylation changes and epigenetic silencing contribute to human cancer, and there have been a lot of observations that support that concept,” Peter Jones, research director and head of the cancer epigenomics lab at Michigan’s Van Andel Research Institute . . .  “What [this] paper does, which I think is very clever, is to selectively silence a tumor-suppressor gene—that’s the p16 gene—in a mouse model system and then show that those mice do develop cancers. This shows that epigenetic silencing can lead directly to the formation of cancer.”

Is that what happened to me?  Was one of my cancer genes turned on?  Or one of my cancer preventing genes turned off? Mice and Men

Join Mailing List!Here’s the scary part… scientists are discovering that outside influencers – good influencers like a healthy diet and bad influencers like pesticides – can change our epigenome … which means outside influencers can affect our DNA and our vulnerability to cancer and other diseases!


Read More–>>>  Outside Influencers Change our DNA

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