Kingsley Smith is an ordinary 14-year-old boy.  Actually, he’s slightly less than ordinary.   He’s the overweight son of an overbearing mother and a missing father.  To make matters worse, he is desperate to impress the girl he loves – wealthy and athletic Amanda Santos Sutherland.  When an environmentally triggered pandemic called ‘The Collapse’ threatens half the worlds’ population, it is only Kingsley’s love for Amanda that emboldens him to face what lies ahead.

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KINGSLEY has thrown me into an alternative reality that seems a horrific membrane away from the health and environmental tragedies sweeping through the world today. The story left me stunned—and in a good way. Catherine Adams, Inkslinger Editing  

  …  creative and intriguing . . .  It was an excellent read! Aimee Roberts

KINGSLEY kept me reading – not only to see what the compelling and vivid characters would do in this thrilling, action-packed story. As an educational psychologist, I was most fascinated by the world without men. With each new scene and setting of KINGSLEY, I became more and more aware of how fundamentally everything would change without the “XY-ers” – and not for the better. This book reminds me of how interconnected beings of all species and ecosystems are, and how we have to take care of each other. It’s also a fun, if spooky, read that I could see being incorporated into science classes or even as part of a social or feminist studies curriculum. The narrative form or “cli-fi” novel is an important new way to communicate about our global ecological crisis, and Ms. O’Neal has done her genre proud. This book made me think, and it makes me want to take action.   C. E. (Claire) Cameron, writer and educational psychologist.  


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