Focusing on what really helps

Being an environmentalist is frustrating.  So often the best way to help is by doing less, not more.  Eating less meat, driving less, buying less, ….   Less, Less, Less.

But I was raised in America where bigger is better.  How can my environmentalism work with my American need for action?  By Focusing on what really helps!   If you want to do more, volunteer for programs cleaning our waterways… our rivers and bays.    That’s why I volunteer my time to the Virginia Oyster Shell Recycling Program (VOSRP).  2015-03-25 13.53.00Every Friday I pick up oyster shells from local restaurants and take them to a central location.  From there, VOSRP will clean the shells and seed them with baby oysters.  Eventually, these seeded shells will be returned to the Chesapeake Bay and nearby rivers to form oyster reefs.  Oysters are amazing creatures.  They filter water, they provide food and habitat for small marine life, and when they decompose, the act like a giant “tums” and lower the acidity of the oceans!

Want to help?  Look for organizations in your state that clean specific rivers or bays.  They always need good volunteers!2015-03-25 14.53.33

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