Share your passion…

What’s your #1 concern regarding the environment? Pollution, habitat destruction, pesticides, Monarch Butterflies… whatever it is… Tell the world!  

Share you passion with the world....
Share you passion with the world….

I’m looking for men and women who are worried about what’s going on OUTSIDE to chime in on my blog: Saving the World One Story At A Time.” Tell YOUR story! What stirred you to care? What stirs you to action? When did you become an environmentalist?

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2 thoughts on “Share your passion…

  1. Hi Carolyn,

    When I was a little girl, we lived in the middle of the woods in rural Michigan. I was encouraged to go for walks outside all the time, but I rarely looked forward to walks and probably said kid-things like “Do I have to?” Instead I liked reading. And what did I read? Anything and everything, but a key memory is *Ranger Rick*, the beloved environmental magazine for children! So if I were to trace the roots of what makes me carry a glass water bottle, or to buy secondhand clothing now that I’m a grown-up one source must be the animal characters in Ranger Rick. I believe I developed empathy for the natural world and its creatures that way, though I’m sure being surrounded by Michigan’s beautiful forests didn’t hurt either…nor did my dad’s deep reverence for the woods. Now, when he wants to go for a walk, instead of balking, I say “Sure!”

    One more thing: the title of your post has a typo–should read What’s your #1 concern regarding the environment?


  2. Thanks, Claire, I’d like to share your story. (And thanks for the typo tip!!)


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