NEW KICKSTARTER REWARD – Don’t Chuck That Shuck!!

Dear Friends,

 I’m excited to announce a new perk on Kickstarter for my eco-thriller Kingsley: a field trip to Save the Bay!  Don’t Chuck That Shuck! 

My job is simple.  I go to local seafood restaurants and pick up buckets of empty oyster shells.  I take these shells to a centrally located dumpster.
Don’t Chuck that Shuck. Join me as we recycle oysters and save the bay!

Pick up your ticket to join me as we recycle oysters and Save the Bay on Kickstarter!


I’m also grateful to my Early Birds for selling out the Advance Reading Copy of Kingsley in the first two weeks of my Kickstarter. THANK YOU!

Also, just a brief reminder that you are invited to a couple of cool events:
  • This Saturday, I’ll be doing poetry on the trolley in conjunction with the Tom Tom Festival  Poetry on the Trolley

  • And on Sunday, April 26th , I’ll be celebrating  Earth Day in Fluvanna with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation


This opportunity to pre-order Kingsley only runs through the end of the month. So, be sure to get your copy today!

All my best,

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