No fooling…. Kickstarter Campaign for KINGSLEY begins April 1st!

My kickstarter campaign to publish my novel KINGSLEY goes live next week – on April 1st.    I’m excited to share my story of young Kingsley Smith with the world and confident that I’ve written a good book. 

Kickstarter has raised over one billion dollars for creative projects like KINGSLEY since 2007. It is the world’s largest “crowdfunding” platform, allowing backers to preorder books and enjoy creative rewards before the official launch.

To become a backer on Kickstarter, you’ll need two things:

  1. A Kickstarter account (Don’t worry, Kickstarter will walk you through this process.)
  2. An Amazon payments account (Amazon is the largest payments processor in the world, so you are in good hands.)

The funds I raise via Kickstarter will help pay for the team I’ll need to publish my novel: Graphic artists, copy editors, promos and book trailers, and much more.

Best of all, backers (like YOU) receive rewards for being part of my campaign.  Since I write eco-fiction, one of my goals is to offer environmentally friendly rewards.

In addition to both paper and digital copies of the book, rewards will include bunch at my house with locally sourced ingredients like Virginia maple syrup and Polyface Farm eggs.  Brunch

Another great reward will  include a pass to ACAC, the world renowned health club and spa, and lunch in beautiful downtown Charlottesville.  Join me for a session with a personal trainer or one of the many great classes.  Whether you’re into yoga, tai chi, or boxing, ACAC has something for you.  After we work up an appetite, we’ll head to the outdoor downtown mall and enjoy lunch at Charlottesville’s famous Hamiltons’ First & Main They have a wide selection on their menu and an excellent chef.

I can’t wait for my kickstarter campaign to go live!


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