Wind Storm in Ivy

The heat was unbearable when I went to the grocery store that afternoon.  The thermostat in my car read 102 degrees.  I longed for the shade of the oaks and poplars that surrounded my house.

9:00 pm, June 29, 2012.  I was editing, as usual, when I heard the thunder.  The overture had begun.  Woodwinds turned to trumpets as the lights flickered, telling us to get ready for the show.

A symphony of of roaring wind.  9:30, Friday, late June.   No rain, no hail, just wind.  The trees gyrated like Elvis and something hit the roof.  We grabbed the dogs and ran to the basement.  The sun had set so we couldn’t see what was cracking, what was falling.     I never heard the freight train sounds they warn us about.  Just the wind.  Next time you go to a horror movie close your eyes and listen.  Scarier with just the sound.

Our neighborhood is safe.  Others in Ivy weren’t so lucky.

Destruction from June, 2012 wind

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